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An Army Officer in Wartime

Battalion Adjutant


Hand-picked to serve as key advisor to Battalion Commander during a 15 month deployment to Iraq. Ranked best captain in the battalion, supervised a staff of 10 Soldiers, and managed all personnel matters for nine subordinate units (1,200 total Soldiers) including evaluations, preventative medicine, and casualty operations.

Executive Officer


Second in command of a 200-soldier company and ranked best lieutenant in the battalion out of 14. Managed all internal aspects of the organization and successfully prepared the company for deployment from Ft. Carson, Colorado to
Iraq. Also reestablished the company's warehouse operations within 60 days of returning from its previous deployment to exceed Army performance standards.


Platoon Leader and Accountable Officer 


Provided leadership and direction to 37 soldiers in combat while also responsible for the management of over 75 contract
personnel. Oversaw cross training of platoon and led a convoy security element to protect logistics missions in and around Baghdad, Iraq. Additionally accountable for four warehouse operations worth over $35 million and responsible for oversight of three U.S. government contracts with Kellogg Brown and Root.

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