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A Trusted Aide in the Political Arena 

White House


Special Assistant to the Communications Director during the Obama Administration’s response to the nation’s “Great Recession.” As the confidant of a senior staff member, liaised with other West Wing staff, the 45-person
communications staff and 20 departments in support of daily message events, the Administration's surrogate strategy and other nationwide amplification efforts.


Served in senior roles in both the House and Senate, including Chief of Staff to Congresswoman Cheri Bustos and Press Secretary to decorated Vietnam Veteran and Senator Jim Webb. As Chief of Staff, built a congressional office
operation from the ground up and led a team and strategy that resulted in Congresswoman’s off-year re-election by a 10 pt. margin and a 54% job approval rating. In various communications roles, served as on-the-record spokesperson,
liaised with national editorial boards such as the Washington Post and New York Times, and oversaw media around landmark initiatives such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill.



Served in senior roles on the most difficult races across the country, including as Campaign Manager for a winning congressional race that drew $14 million in total spending. As Campaign Manager, led the campaign from a 16-point deficit to a six-point victory to unseat a sitting Member of Congress. Served as on-the-record spokesperson and spearheaded communications operations for multiple campaigns, to include crafting media tours, supporting candidate prep and execution of debates, management of surrogates, oversight of paid media, and rapid
response for a nationally targeted Governor’s race. Earned a reputation for crafting creative strategies that fit each unique candidate and race, in addition to operations and strategic scheduling expertise.

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